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The Importance of a Town Planner in the Blue Mountains Development Projects

In the awe-inspiring region of the Blue Mountains, development projects require a delicate touch—a balance between progress and preservation. This is where the profound importance of a town planner comes into sharp focus. For those planning to navigate the challenging terrain of local development, engaging with an expert town planning firm is not just advisable; it’s imperative.

Expertise Rooted in Local Experience

Established in 1996, the Council Approval Group (formally Fragar Planning & Development) stands as the longest-established and most experienced town planning firm in the Blue Mountains. We bring to the table a deep-rooted understanding of the area, born from decades of hands-on experience. Our principal consultant, Max Fragar, is not only a respected figure in the field but also carries the unique perspective of having been the Director of Planning at Blue Mountains City Council. After shaping the council’s planning landscape, he embarked on a mission to assist private clients in 1996 by establishing our consultancy.

Since 2011, this family-operated consultancy has blossomed further when Max’s son, Colin Fragar, joined hands with his father. Their collaboration marked the beginning of a new chapter, infusing the firm with fresh energy and perspectives. Today, we are more than a team; we are a family of over 20 exceptional town planners, designers, local government, and property professionals dedicated to guiding our clients through the intricacies of the approval process with the Blue Mountains Council.

A Legacy of Success and Integrity

Our longevity in the field is a testament to our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of practice. The Council Approval Group’s old-fashioned family values resonate through our work ethos, ensuring that integrity, passion, and a resilient ‘can do’ mindset are at the heart of everything we do. These principles have helped us successfully navigate the challenges and stresses that often accompany dealing with planning rules, allowing our clients to realize the full potential of their properties.

Navigating Regulations with Expertise

As the Blue Mountains have grown and evolved, so have the planning needs of its community. Tackling these needs requires not just any town planning firm but one that brings years of entrenched experience and a nuanced understanding of both the past and present local regulations. Our long-standing history in the region means we are uniquely equipped to facilitate even the most complex development approvals, providing peace of mind and clarity for our clients.

Community Engagement and Advocacy

We believe that a town planner’s role extends beyond mere planning and into the realm of advocacy and community engagement. Our firm’s extensive experience allows us to foresee the potential impacts of development and engage proactively with the community to address concerns and highlight benefits. This approach not only fosters community support but also ensures that the developments we advise on contribute positively to the area’s fabric.

The Path Forward

In a landscape as dynamic and environmentally sensitive as the Blue Mountains, choosing the right town planner is crucial. With the Council Approval Group, you are not just hiring a service; you are partnering with a legacy—a firm that blends a quarter-century’s worth of local expertise with a forward-thinking, client-centric approach. Whether you’re an individual seeking to build your dream home or a business aiming to establish a presence in the Blue Mountains, our team is poised to help you achieve your ambitions with precision and care.


The role of a town planner in the Blue Mountains extends far beyond navigating bureaucratic processes. It involves advocating for sustainable development, engaging with the community, and preserving the natural beauty that defines this region. At the Council Approval Group, we don’t just take on these responsibilities—we embrace them with the passion and dedication that have been our hallmark since 1996.

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