Feng Liang

Educator & Investor

‘Being from a non-English speaking background it was particularly important for me to find someone who took the time for me to understand the vision I had for the project.

Through every part of the process Fragar Planning is honest, keen and give good technical knowledge.’

Lisa Nicholls

Café Owner

‘I have a lot of ideas but I don’t know the rules and regulations. It is quite stressful to do it on my own and I didn’t want to waste anymore time.

Time is money. Having these guys with knowledge at their finger tips was very helpful.’

David Logue

Medical Centre Owner

‘Initially I thought I could do the DA myself. I soon worked out I needed someone with the right experience, know-how and time.

I would recommend to anyone who needs help with a new project and is out of their depth or don’t have the time.’