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Ebook: Mistake Number 1 – The Biggest Mistakes in Dealing with Council.

Ebook based on the MP3 which is also available from this website, 'The Biggest Mistakes in Dealing with Council – an Intro MP3'.

With the wisdom of 45 years of dealing with Local Government in Australia (from both in and outside Council) Max Fragar shares his experience on the most common mistakes people make in dealing with Council.  This free download will take you to one of the most common but costly mistakes people make in dealing with Council, highlighted in the 2 hour interview with Max. Enjoy!



"Congratulations on the '7 Biggest Mistakes' initiative. I found the format and content an excellent piece of communication.  I thought the information was a very good reminder and check-list.  I should be happy to refer anyone contemplating development activities in the Sydney / Blue Mountains area to your practice.  I wish you well with the business."

Rob Strange, Consulting Engineer, Potts Point.