Certified Practicing Planner

Max Fragar is honoured to be a "Certified Practicing Planner" (CPP) with the Planning Institute of Australia. This means that when working with Fragar Planning & Development, you can be sure of commitment to high professional standards, competency and ethics.

What is a CPP?

"CPP stands for Certified Practicing Planner. It is the designation given to professionals in the planning profession, who have received certification of their competence as planning practitioners. CPP is an indication that an individual has met set standards in qualification and experience, and is committed to high standards of ethical professional practice in planning. The CPP scheme is a nationally-consisted benchmark across the disciplines of urban and regional planning, social planning, urban design, transport planning, economic development, environmental planning and planning law. Planners play a critical role in shaping the communities in which we all live, and making them liveable, sustainable and vibrant places. The Certified Practising Planner scheme was introduced by the Planning Institute of Australia on 1 July 2006, to provide a mechanism for the community, for employers and others in the industry to identify leading planning professionals. CPP is a mark of competency, reliability and professionalism in planning. Certified Practising Planners have demonstrated their ability to practise at a high level, and have confirmed their commitment to meeting industry and community needs." – Planning Institute of Australia website.

As not all planners are certified, it is comforting to know that by working with Fragar Planning & Development you are giving your development or business the highest measure of a town planner in Australia.